Janek Fischer

I am a 23-year-old full-stack developer and system administrator.

I currently study Software Engineering at the CODE University of Applied Sciences in Berlin. Besides that I enthusiastically contribute to open-source projects as seen on my GitHub profile.


Kull: My own collaboration convention. Consolidates my experiences and preferences for collaborating in software development.

Mixxx Macros: My Google Summer of Code 2020 project for the open-source DJ software Mixxx using C++ and some JavaScript.

Between The Lines: A German App to support Teenagers with psychological problems. I built the second version by myself using React Native to create a unified experience and codebase for Android and iOS.

MonsterUtilities: The first open-source project I started leverages the API of the music label Monstercat to provide additional, unofficial, more convenient functionality compared to their website. It was initially written in Java with the JavaFX UI framework and converted to Kotlin soon after.